I’m Moving!

To my beloved friends and readers, I’m officially moving to a new home: J-D Squared!

This will be a joint collaboration between Jessica, my ROL (visit above blog for explanation), and I. We will be pooling our creative brain juices and polar personalities to try to bring you interesting, witty, and sometimes wacky thoughts on Asian Entertainment.

Much of our individual blog materials will be transferred onto J-D Squared, including past posts, downloads, and of course, us, to our new home. This blog, as well as her’s, will no longer be active.

Thank you all for your generous support and kind words. I’ll see y’all at J-D Squared!

~Julia ^_*


Anson Hu Returns with “Music Life”

If you don’t know who Anson Hu is – get to know him. Not known for looks (who cares?) nor smooth-talking charm (can turn me off if not done “right”), Anson is recognized for his diverse musical talents and amazing voice. To provide some reasoning as to why I’m unusually passionate about this guy, I’ve posted the following clips – view in order posted for best comprehension.  Also suggest loading videos first before watching.

Show Luo – One Man Show

Credit: roland149

Anson Hu – One Man Show Rendition

Credit: faloveshow2

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2009 New Actress Discovery: Moon Chae Won

I started this post over a month ago and only published it now, partly because of my vacation and hectic schedule, partly because this post is just as much about MCW as it is about my viewing sentiments.

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The Talented Release Albums, Part II

Track List :

01. Oh Yeah!!!
02. 七天 (7 Day)
03. Tomato
04. 爱情,习作 (Love, Practice)
05. I No
06. 开心餐厅 (Happy Restaurant)
07. 吉米宝贝 (Jimmy Baby)
08. 风雨 (Windy Rain)
09. A
10. 最寂寞的時候 (When Most Alone)
11. 听见了吗? (Do You Hear?)
12. 再见勾勾 (Goodbye Pinky Swear)


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The Talented Release Albums, Part I

As I was away on vacay, a slew of talented artists and newbies came out with new albums. Here they are in chronological release date order…

Track List:

01. 她扔了根火柴(国) (She Threw Away A Match)
02. 月亮说 (Moon Says)
03. 大笨钟 (Bulky Clock)
04. 低科技之歌 (Low Tech Song)
05. I’m Sorry
06. 我不打算流眼泪(国) (I Don’t Plan on Crying – Mandarin)
07. 小团圆 (Little Reunion)
08. 记住 记住 (合唱: 王菀之&常石磊) (Remember Remember – Duet)
09. 粒糖有毒 (Candy Has Poison)
10. 迷失艺术 (Art of Confusion)
11. 月亮事(国) (Moon Business – Mandarin)
12. Mary Had A Little Clock


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Announcement Part II

I’m back. ^_^ I had a great time in LA, but very tired, so updates will follow as soon as I catch up with my much needed Smile, You goodness and sleep. Lots of stuff to share, be back soon.


Will be going on vacation (LA ^_^) in the next couple of weeks, which is the reason I’ve been so remiss in posts – trying to tie up loose ends before I go. Will update with new posts once I get back, since I’ll probably be drafting it on the plane. So much to write, so little time. : ) See y’all soon!