The Young’ns At Play

As the entertainment industry gets younger and cross-borders, here are some young’ns who’ve entered my radar; shown much talent and potential as singing artists.  

Artist: Charice, 17

Country: Phillippines

Charice – Listen

Credit: 2welve4ever

     Most of you have probably heard of this Youtube sensation that guested on a popular Korean variety program called Star King, who then went on to Ellen, Oprah, and slew of big-time talk shows across the globe. Not only is she recognized in her natural market, Asia, she’s been well-received by North American and European countries as well (I hear the Italians are quite crazy about her).

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Five Korean ‘Potentials’ ATM

As many of you know, I love discovering new potentials; by which I define as young or newer artists who have displayed enough talent, charisma, and/or character for me to expect their transformation into brilliant “stars” in the near future. In no particular order, and at the moment (ATM), here they are…

1. Song Joong Ki

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J-Box Announcement

Due to some people having problems with FG, I am reuploading the files onto MediaFire (MF). Check J-Box page for new links. I have also updated broken sample-song links.

‘Confucius’ Ends Shooting

One of the most anticipated Chinese movies of 2010, Confucius, ended shooting on 9.2.2009. It was accompanied by the release of a 3 minute trailer that was spread quickly by Chinese netizens. The movie starrs international sensation, Chow Yun Fat; celebrated actress Zhou Xun; rising star Ren Quan; and many other critically acclaimed actors. Confucius documents Confucius’s life, the legendary philosopher from 551 BC – 479 BC, whose profound teachings on moral learning and pursuit of self-study have influenced societal and ruling doctrines in Asia for over 2000 years. I’m extremely thrilled about this movie – it’s the first movie documenting Confucius’s life, and will most likely be releasing internationally – should be released around 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year.

‘Confucius’ Trailer

(Highly suggest watching on YT)

Credit: i54201314

Various Artists sing for Victims of Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot, or ’88 water disaster’ as referred to by the Taiwanese public, bands people and artists together as relief work, donations, and support messages continue. Posted below is one of my favorites, from ‘Give Me A Pair of Wings to Fly’ album, produced in charity of Typhoon Morakot victims.

Various Artists – Wipe Your Tears

Song/Lyrics – Shadya Lan    Download

Credit: levitesfamily


Discovering ‘Secret’ and Shadya Lan

Track List:

01. 秘密 (Secret)
02. 沉默剧 (Silent Film)
03. 那天 (That Day)
04. 全世界分手 (World’s Breakup)
05. 忘 (Forget)
06. 瞬间 (Instance)
07. I Pray
08. Singing
09. 这麽长一段 (Such a Long stretch)
10. 诗篇91 (Scripture 91)

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Lala Xu debuts her 1st Album

















Track List:

01. 喔伊细 (O Yi Xi)
02. 圆舞曲 (Waltz)
03. VIP
04. 失落沙洲 (Mourning Desert)
05. 白旗 (White Flag)
06. 身骑白马 (Riding on a White Horse) *Brought Lala to fame for creatively incorporating Taiwanese Opera within comtemporary themes, and the fastest contestant to receive full marks in competition*
07. 一样的月光 (The Same Moonlight)
08. 明知故犯 (Knowingly Commit)
09. 出口 (Outlet)
10. 哼情歌 (Humming a Love Song)

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