Five Korean ‘Potentials’ ATM

As many of you know, I love discovering new potentials; by which I define as young or newer artists who have displayed enough talent, charisma, and/or character for me to expect their transformation into brilliant “stars” in the near future. In no particular order, and at the moment (ATM), here they are…

1. Song Joong Ki

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‘Confucius’ Ends Shooting

One of the most anticipated Chinese movies of 2010, Confucius, ended shooting on 9.2.2009. It was accompanied by the release of a 3 minute trailer that was spread quickly by Chinese netizens. The movie starrs international sensation, Chow Yun Fat; celebrated actress Zhou Xun; rising star Ren Quan; and many other critically acclaimed actors. Confucius documents Confucius’s life, the legendary philosopher from 551 BC – 479 BC, whose profound teachings on moral learning and pursuit of self-study have influenced societal and ruling doctrines in Asia for over 2000 years. I’m extremely thrilled about this movie – it’s the first movie documenting Confucius’s life, and will most likely be releasing internationally – should be released around 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year.

‘Confucius’ Trailer

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Credit: i54201314