2009 Male Newcomer, Singer: Abin


Normally, I would briefly introduce an artist and give a sampling of the songs that characterizes the artist’s style and/or songs I like, but I’ve been moody due to a serious bout of the common cold, so I’m going to babble a bit.

As most have come to realize, I have a “thing” for artists who are creatively unique, whether it’s singing, acting, personality, or whatever characteristics/talents the person possesses. I discovered Abin (pronounced Ah Bing) early this year – Febuary to be exact – several months after he had released his album in Taiwan, and only in association with Penny Dai, another talented, creative song-writer/singer/director that I love.  Well, I was knocked over by this guy’s ability to touch me with such sensitive and spell-binding singing and song-writing, and don’t get me started with the soulful guitar playing – I fell so hard you could literally peel me off the sidewalk. 

So was I a little miffed that Abin didn’t make the nomination for the Taiwanese Grammy’s? You bet. But considering the stiff competition – 3 of the 5 nominees were Million Dollar Star contestants, and many other newcomers who were also skipped out of a nomination – I was pacified in knowing that Abin’s singing career in Taiwan had at least got off to a great start. Also, I liked all of the nominees so it wasn’t like I wanted them to not get their nominations.

Abin is not new to the music industry, having released albums in Malaysia, but 2009 was really the year he expanded from Malay to Taiwan and the broader Chinese/Mandarin music market. Part of his reason for not giving up on being a singer/song-writer was to realize his father’s dream, who passed away without making it as a singer. I also love that he’s nice and soft-spoken, but sticks to his philosophies and is – you all know I’m a sucker for this – an independent thinker – which makes guys more irresistible to me. I won’t expound any further in case your expectations get too high, so here’s Abin with his 2 Taiwan-released albums.

Abin Fang – Good Person Abin [Debut Released 11.10.2008]

 Track List:

01. 坏人 (Bad Person)
02. 回去吧 (Go On Back) *In memory of his father*
03. 深爱的老朋友 (Beloved Old Friend)
04. 风 (Wind)
05. 哼哼爱 (Humming Love)
06. 你不必爱我 (You Don’t Need to Love Me)
07. 心痛 (Wounded Heart)
08. 闯 (Charge)
09. 回纹针 (Clip)
10. 胭脂雪 Ft. 江淑娜 (Rouge Snow Ft. Nana Chiang)


The album, Good Person, really gained momentum for the upstart Malaysian artist in the first half of 2009, with his hit song Bad Person capturing the #1 position on KTV (Karoake) charts for 10+ weeks, and remains in the Top 5 as of the date of this post.

Abin – Bad Person

Song/Lyrics – Abin

Credit: dirpeter

Abin – Wind

Song/Lyrics – Abin

Director: Penny Dai (Love the concept & cinematography of this MV)

Credit: enjoymusicrec

Abin Fang – Regrets [Released 10.16.2009]

Track List:

01. 棋子 (Chess Piece)
02. 天黑黑 (Dark Dark Sky)
03. 暗示 Ft. 弦子 (All I Wanted to Say Ft. Xuan Zi)
04. 遗憾 (Regrets)
05. 不必在乎我是谁 (Don’t Need to Care Who I am)
06. 曖昧 (Ambiguous)
07. 胆小鬼 (Scared-y Cat)
08. 剪爱 (Severing Love)
09. 猜心 (Suspicious Heart)
10. 泪海 (Sea of Tears)


Regrets is a rearranged, compilation album of songs from famous female singers, including Faye Wong, Coco Lee, Amei, Stephanie Sun, and many other divas. Too anxious to spread the love that I haven’t picked out my favorite renditions in this album yet.

Abin – Regrets

Credit: c8527706jm

Abin – All I Wanted to Say

Credit: mengsion


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