The Young’ns At Play

As the entertainment industry gets younger and cross-borders, here are some young’ns who’ve entered my radar; shown much talent and potential as singing artists.  

Artist: Charice, 17

Country: Phillippines

Charice – Listen

Credit: 2welve4ever

     Most of you have probably heard of this Youtube sensation that guested on a popular Korean variety program called Star King, who then went on to Ellen, Oprah, and slew of big-time talk shows across the globe. Not only is she recognized in her natural market, Asia, she’s been well-received by North American and European countries as well (I hear the Italians are quite crazy about her).

I have yet to see such a young, Asian singer be so widely hyped and accepted by audiences world-wide. Perhaps it’s because of her unrelentless passion for singing despite her down-trodden circumstances growing up that has captured people’s hearts, or that her voice strikes a cord with listeners, but whatever it is, it seems like this young singer is going to be an international phenomenon, if not already.   *Her version of Listen never gets old – it’s always goosebump-inducing.*

Charice – Torete

Credit: scubajoe12

 Charice – The Climb

Credit: jessica86s


Artist: IU, 16

Country: Korea

IU – Gee, Lies, & Sorry Sorry

Credit: jerryhdiffy

     Perhaps it’s the over-packaged, and over-gimmicked (in trying to differentiate them) presentation of Kpop artists/groups by companies, that I’ve become immune to the Kpop scene. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn of IU; a young, lyrically-emphasized, music-writing, guitar-playing, indie-soul singing, non-Kpop-cookie-cutter-presented talent.  IU’s debut in mainstream music sparked talk of a revival in the industry, and a new generation of teen singers. From the second album it seems IU’s label is still tweaking on how to “image” her to be accepted in mainstream Kpop; But many are waiting to see if, and how, this young artist survives and revoluntionizes a growing indie-Kpop segment of mainstream Korean music. For an introduction to IU –  Read Here   *I love the above video, not only for her renditions but also for the host of the program. lols. I wish she would release an album with her renditions/covers – it would be an instant seller.*

IU – Officially Missing You

Credit: lemonlove9

IU – Mia (2008 Debut)

Credit: modfactory

IU – Monday Thru Thursday

Credit: kpopcornchicken


Artist: BY2, 16

Country: Singapore

BY2 – Don’t Go Away

Song/Lyrics Contributions: BY2

Credit: e2jiayou

     Singapore has long been known as a place that cultivates talents and rear innovative musical artists. Many of their notable singers gained popularity because of their creative leanings, industry acclaimations, Chinese “Grammy” winnings, and critical hype. So I was surprised to discover a new, identical-twin duo (Miko & Yumi), who shows diverse potential in singing, musical creativity, dancing, and transcending borders when they’ve been mundanely marketed.  They’ve trained in Korea and Japan for various styles of dance, studied piano and violin, learned various languages (touting Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc.), and sing well (despite their “idol” image). Of course, their youth, prettiness, and maturity also contributes to BY2’s star potential, but I’m more intrigued by their expansive repertoire of talents. Not partial to how their company has imaged them (or outfit-ed them – too sexy), and their pop-y song selections (they are capable of diverse genres), but I guess that’s a trend in Asia hard to bypass.


Credit: honeyjohnny0214

BY2 – Variety Dance Appearance

Credit: binhuang0307

BY2 – Not Mature Enough (Live)

credit: victoria11177

For additional videos, check juliakgrl YT.



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