Coming Soon…

Edit: 9/26/09

I originally planned on reviewing some of my highly anticipated dramas, but due to my lack of overwhelming passion for anything currently airing, I’m going to wait until I find something I can’t resist espousing about even if I have to squeeze time and energy in doing so. I do have quite a few 2009 dramas that I would love to review. Alas, I can only make recommendations for the time being. In no particular order, and only ones I’ve completed…

  1. My Youthfulness (for contemporary-witty dialogue, script, acting)
  2. Return of Iljimae (for production values, story, and creative presentation)
  3. City Hall (for great acting chemistry and unique content)
  4. Painter of the Wind (for it’s art and rare character relationships)
  5. Partner (for amazing acting chemistry, and veteran guest stars)
  6. Black & White (for thrilling plot, intriguing characters, fantastic flow/pace, great actors)

Friend, Our Legend has been on my list to watch, so I can’t recommend it…yet.


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