All share-worthy music and videos, or requested downloads, will be posted on this page. Most will be ones that are not popularly shared or mass marketed by companies/netizens. Hopefully, J-Box visitors will enjoy discovering artists and new ‘potentials’ with me.

I do not take requests unless you’re a blog buddy, friend, or the requested download is something I like/would share.

*Disclaimer: Files not originally uploaded by me. Please delete after 24 hours; support the artists and buy their albums.


Link to Post – Link to Download    (Most Recent on Top)

Anson Hu Music Life, Men’s Songs

Amy Pearson – Who I Am

Jason Zhang – Through Trilogy

Crowd Lu – 7 Day

Yoga Lin – Debut: Mystery Guest, 2nd Album: Senses, Around

Cindy Yen –  Cindy

Ivana WongOn The Wings of Time

Hu Qing Nan – Two Worlds

Abin – Debut Taiwan Album: Good Person , 2nd Album: Regrets

Jasmine Ting  Zhu – Not A Puppet

Yong Bang – Devil’s Tears

Cyndi Wang – What’s Wrong With Love

Michael Wong – Fairy Tale

Evan Yo –  2nd Album: Search Evan Yo , 3rd Album: Be Lonely, Then  

Coco LeeBeautiful Theme Song , Flowing Passage

A ChordNothing But A Chord

Joey Yung –   Busy

Various Artists – Wipe Your Tears (Produced for 8.8.2009 Typhoon Morakot victims)

Shadya Lan – Secret

Lala Xu –  Lala Xu

Crystal KayAfter Love, First Boyfriend


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  1. can i please get this song
    胡清藍 兩個世界

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