The Talented Release Albums, Part II

Track List :

01. Oh Yeah!!!
02. 七天 (7 Day)
03. Tomato
04. 爱情,习作 (Love, Practice)
05. I No
06. 开心餐厅 (Happy Restaurant)
07. 吉米宝贝 (Jimmy Baby)
08. 风雨 (Windy Rain)
09. A
10. 最寂寞的時候 (When Most Alone)
11. 听见了吗? (Do You Hear?)
12. 再见勾勾 (Goodbye Pinky Swear)


After grabbing the 2009 Golden Melody Award’s (Taiwanese Grammy) Best New Artist amid tough competition, Crowd Lu released his 2nd album on 10.31.2009. Crowd Lu is one of those unique people you cannot avoid noticing. Perhaps it’s his “geeky-homebody” getup or his weird, yet endearing train of thought that has much of Taiwan’s HS/college students in an uproar and urge to mimick his iconic style/music. Crowd, or Vitas, as he’s often referred to because of his ability to sing in high-pitched “dolphin” songs, was once in a devastating car accident that almost crippled his leg. Yet, the guy is amazingly go-lucky, happy, and innocent in the way he views music, the world, and people around him. There is a boundless, free, and real quality to his self-written, self-accompanied, and self-sang music. And perhaps that is his greatest appeal; that his music speaks to practical, everyday life while maintaining a sliver of humor and brightness to it. 

Crowd Lu – Oh Yeah!!!

Song/Lyrics: Crowd Lu

Credit: supernicemusic

Crowd Lu – I No

Song/Lyrics: Crowd Lu

Credit: supernicemusic


Track List :

01. 看月亮爬上来 (Watching the Moon Climb Up)
02. 穿越人海 (Passing Through the Crowd)
03. 何必在一起 (Why Bother Being Together)
04. 微笑 (Smile)
05. 量身订做 (Specifically Tailored)
06. 勿忘心安 (Memorable Peace)
07. 龙鳞 (Scales of the Dragon)


Jason Zhang released 3rd album, Through Trilogy, on 11.02.09. He was most broadly recognized as being a talented contestant of Hunan Broadcasting Station’s SuperBoy, a spinoff from the sensational SuperGirl singing competitions, in 2007. Talent, heart, passion for music, and filial duty describes Jason Zhang. Coming from a destitute family, Jason matured young, knowing the value of family and hard work. Perhaps it was his reticence and seriousness that contributed to his lower likeability/popularity in the competition. After placing 4th in SuperBoys (a complete travesty in my opinion b/c I judge singing competitions by talent and range potential, not likeability and popularity), Jason’s fans continued to support the multi-talented singer. He obtained much support from the MC’s of the singing competition, even gained a sweet romance with Nana Xie – a comedic, tomboyish, highly popular MC of the Hunan Station (their friendship-turned-romance was highly controversial at the time of the competition). Now Jason is considered one of the most popular and sought-after young male singers in China, as well as one of the most happy and fulfilled.

Jason Zhang – Watching the Moon Climb Up

Credit: fountainpark723

Jason Zhang – After Tomorrow [download]

MV Appearance: Nana Xie

Credit: coolxuemin

Having already been somewhat jaded from previous SuperGirl competitions, the 2007 SuperBoy was the last straw for me. It proved to prevent all future viewings of Hunan Station’s singing competitions. My favorite contestants at the time of the SuperGirl and SuperBoy competitions, who I thought should have won…did not win. But if I were to be shameless and direct, almost all of them have succeeded in greater bounds than the ones who did win. Of my favorites included Jane Zhang, Bibi Zhou, Jason Zhang, Wang Zhen Liang, and a few other extremely musically talented singers. So even though I was miffed at the popularity contests of these competitions, I am rectified by the fact that the industry and public at large gave them their due opportunities, successes, and awards. I am infinitely happy that China’s music industry has not receded to pure superficiality as it came dangerously close to between the years of 2005 – 2008. I think there is a nice balance now to the music industry, but it can definitely learn from Taiwan and spur more popularly innovative and creative musical talents. Ok, rant and post over.


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