Various Artists sing for Victims of Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot, or ’88 water disaster’ as referred to by the Taiwanese public, bands people and artists together as relief work, donations, and support messages continue. Posted below is one of my favorites, from ‘Give Me A Pair of Wings to Fly’ album, produced in charity of Typhoon Morakot victims.

Various Artists – Wipe Your Tears

Song/Lyrics – Shadya Lan    Download

Credit: levitesfamily



Discovering ‘Secret’ and Shadya Lan

Track List:

01. 秘密 (Secret)
02. 沉默剧 (Silent Film)
03. 那天 (That Day)
04. 全世界分手 (World’s Breakup)
05. 忘 (Forget)
06. 瞬间 (Instance)
07. I Pray
08. Singing
09. 这麽长一段 (Such a Long stretch)
10. 诗篇91 (Scripture 91)

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