Anson Hu Returns with “Music Life”

If you don’t know who Anson Hu is – get to know him. Not known for looks (who cares?) nor smooth-talking charm (can turn me off if not done “right”), Anson is recognized for his diverse musical talents and amazing voice. To provide some reasoning as to why I’m unusually passionate about this guy, I’ve posted the following clips – view in order posted for best comprehension.  Also suggest loading videos first before watching.

Show Luo – One Man Show

Credit: roland149

Anson Hu – One Man Show Rendition

Credit: faloveshow2

Yes, it was a spontaneous, on-the-spot rendition. No, Anson is not extremely familiar with the song. Yes, Show Luo, the original singer and host of 100% Entertainment was so impressed he was stuttering and speechless, as was his co-host Alien Huang (minus the stuttering), another singer-actor.

Anson Hu – Waiting For You

Song: Anson Hu

MV Appearances: Ariel Lin & Mike He

Anson Hu is a rarity in Chinese mando-pop industry.  Back before all the singing competitions brought many young idols to fame, China’s music industry was heavily doused with older, schooled, and critically acclaimed singers – “pop-y” songs and ‘idol” artists mostly imported from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, or Malay/Singapore. In fact, the trend of “imported idols” is still strong in China’s music sphere today. To release a self-written c-pop album at the tender age of 18 back in 2002 was consider unusual, daring, and against mainland China’s industry norm – after all, Anson would have been competing with the likes of Leehom Wang, F4, the then red-hot Jay Chow, etc. and the stigma of China’s traditionalism in music. To many, he is considered one of the pioneers in the current wave of young, popular, Chinese idol singers who can compete with popular non-mainland China artists.

*Anson Hu – Emperor*

Song/Lyrics: Anson Hu

Credit: Tamahoma

Touting over a billion people, China is a “must” market for many countries, music or otherwise. So, it’s not unusual to see Chinese fans learning about and eventually going crazy over a Kpop, TWpop, HKpop, Jpop singer or group – but how often do you see other regions going wild over a C-pop idol? Most likely never. After winning multiple awards and producing hit song after hit song, other mandarin-speaking regions finally started to recognize his name and face. In 2007, Anson Hu hit the first great height of his career, releasing Men’s Songs and nabbing almost all major music awards in China with his hit single, A Man’s KTV, a song incorporating 4 lines from classic KTV songs sang by lengendary Jacky Cheung and “King of Songs” Eason Chan. His huge popularity in the mainland finally triggered Anson’s expansion to regions such as Taiwan, often considered as one the most innovative and refreshing cultivator of mando-pop music. His talent, as shown in the clips above, voice, hit songs, and somewhat 4-D personality attracted many non-mainland China fans. It was the first time I felt a Chinese C-pop singing artist was so respected and favored by another region’s fans.

Anson Hu – A Man’s KTV

Song: Anson Hu

Credit: binkyo

Of the many things I love about Anson, his musical talent, voice, singing range, 4-D personality, stunted speech (sometimes he’s rather inept in vocalizing his thoughts), I admire the dedication and pride he has in his music the most. Anson Hu’s music has many cultural and “oldies” influences (before “retro” became the new “in” for mainland artists), but he’s able to integrate modern styles, such as R&B, rap, funk, rock, etc. into his compositions. A great example combining traditional and modern music is the following song.

Anson Hu – Departing Poem

Song: Anson Hu

Credit: usao10

Track List:

01. 你买单还我买单 (You Take the Tab or do I)
02. 失业情歌 (Laid-Off Love Song)
03. 笔墨登场 (Entrance of Calligraphy)
04. 不曾后悔 (Never Regretted)
05. 罗马假日 (Roman Holiday)
06. 空位 (Empty Space)
07. 林妹妹 (Sister Lin)
09. 勇敢去爱吧 (Love Like No Other)
10. 父亲 (Father)
11. 闪亮的日子(Glorious Days)


After his hit and award-winning album 2 years ago, Anson releases Music Life on 12.08.09. The album includes songs that have been released in commercials, singles, and ceremonies in the last 2 years, but also new never-before-released compositions like Laid Off Love Song aka the more ambiguous title Music Life. I have yet to be disappointed with Anson’s albums, as he’s constantly incorporating current themes to retain my attention. In his last mini-album, he renditioned old 1930s-1950s songs to celebrate China’s 60th anniversary. This time, Anson’s newest album touches on the global recession and economic impact on people’s lives. Looks like I’m going to be rolling into my 8th year as a fan. ^_^

Anson Hu – Laid Off Love Song aka Music Life

Song: Anson Hu

Credit: fountainpark723

So have I converted you yet? If not, go to my Youtube page for more Anson Hu songs and live performances and/or J-Box for his previous albums – that should do the trick.


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  1. really underrated. I love Anson Hu, personally I like him better than jay Chou and Wang Leehom. this album was really impressive~

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