2009 Male Newcomer, Singer: Abin


Normally, I would briefly introduce an artist and give a sampling of the songs that characterizes the artist’s style and/or songs I like, but I’ve been moody due to a serious bout of the common cold, so I’m going to babble a bit.

As most have come to realize, I have a “thing” for artists who are creatively unique, whether it’s singing, acting, personality, or whatever characteristics/talents the person possesses. I discovered Abin (pronounced Ah Bing) early this year – Febuary to be exact – several months after he had released his album in Taiwan, and only in association with Penny Dai, another talented, creative song-writer/singer/director that I love.  Well, I was knocked over by this guy’s ability to touch me with such sensitive and spell-binding singing and song-writing, and don’t get me started with the soulful guitar playing – I fell so hard you could literally peel me off the sidewalk.  Continue reading