Evan Yo Releases 3rd Album: ‘Be Lonely, Then’

 Track List:

01. 发光的简讯 (Luminescent Message)
02. 小乖乖 (Little Darling)
03. 寂寞,好了 (Be Lonely, Then)
04. 爱是对的 (Love Is Right)
05. 日蚀 (Solar Eclipse)
06. 你看不到的天空 (The Sky You Can Not See)
07. Hey !
08. 我的宝贝 (My Baby)
09. 打不倒男孩 (Incorrigible Boy)
10. 走 (Go)


Evan Yo released his 3rd album, Be Lonely, Then on 10.09.2009. He debuted in 2006, at 18 yrs old (they kept using his Asian age, 19),  under great “sponsorship” from famous Taiwanese MC, Jacky Wu, who also endorsed Jay Chow and Jolin Tsai to fame. Having been top of his class entering Taiwan University’s music school, and having tall, good looks, Evan was heavily touted as the next Jay Chow/Leehom Wang. His music has many western rock, funk, and jazz influences, and he is extremely talented in violin, piano, and singing (as they are his majors). Unfortunately, Sony Records hasn’t been able to really differentiate and time his releases properly – Evan has met stiff competition from Million Dollar Star participants entering the music industry – who’ve taken T-music scene by storm. That said, I’ve never been a believer that ratings/popularity = quality, so I’ve listened to all his albums, saw some of his variety appearances showcasing his talent, and my conclusion? He’s a talented potential and a cutie. For his 2nd album, Search Evan Yo, please go to J-Box – here’s Never-ending Summer off of 19 debut album.

Evan Yo – The Sky You Can Not See

Credit: gilliansham

Evan Yo -Be Lonely, Then

Credit: urasiansourceCpop

Evan Yo – Nunchucks (On-the-spot Soft Rendition)

Original ‘Nunchucks’  by Jay Chow

Credit: emerl1233456

Evan Yo – Variety Appearance

(Jacky Wu endorsed him on all his MC-ed shows and Rainie as well being his “older sister” at Sony Records)

Credit: hkevanyo


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