Five Korean ‘Potentials’ ATM

As many of you know, I love discovering new potentials; by which I define as young or newer artists who have displayed enough talent, charisma, and/or character for me to expect their transformation into brilliant “stars” in the near future. In no particular order, and at the moment (ATM), here they are…

1. Song Joong Ki

First Discovered…as a handsome cameo in A Frozen Flower. However, it wasn’t until his role as ‘Joong Po’ in Triple that I “fell in love” with this older-but-baby-faced new actor. His cameo in My Fair Lady got me further anticipating the drama, though it was too short. ‘Potential’ Points…well, other than looking adorably squishy and honest, the guy has won me over with his natural protrayal, and chemistry with all his co-stars. It’s hard to find young and new actors who consistently & convincingly performs, generates great chemistry onscreen with anyone, and showcases charisma when he only appears for maybe less than a couple minutes at a time. Currently, he’s MC-ing and acting. Dramabeans posted a great interview on him — Read It Here. Keep a lookout for this cutie as he enters into mainstream Korean entertainment.

2. Shin Se Kyeong

First Discovered…with Moon Geun Yeong in My Little Bride. The girl did not catch my attention for her looks, nor the role she got, but rather the expression in her eyes and contemplative protrayal. There seems to be a melochany and pensive shadow in her eyes when she’s looking at the camera. ‘Potential’ Points…I’ve seen her in 2 1/2 movies (I only saw snipets of Five Senses of Eros – her baring protrayal will definitely leave an impression on you); and 2 dramas, Queen Seon Deok, and recently airing, High Kick 2. In all her works, she displays befitting eye expressions, great transitioning, and relays the characters’ emotions well right from the start. I have expectations that this young actress is going to do well in the artistic arena, but don’t know about her popularity marks with the audience, since she has been more focused on movies. Let’s see how she does capturing viewers’ hearts now that she’s in a daily drama.

3. Jung Il Woo

First Discovered…in High Kick, which I only skimmed a couple of episodes before dropping because I found it to be rather silly and lacking plot. I really discovered him in his breakthrough drama, The Return of Iljimae. ‘Potential’ Points…As his first leading role, his protray of Iljimae did not disappoint. He showed good eye expression, great chemistry with his female lead, transitioned complex emotions well, and natural acting. There is no doubt, however, that the role, his looks, and the production values of Iljimae buoyed his likeability and appropriateness of his protrayal. Il Woo’s new role in My Fair Lady lacks substance/development in comparison, but there were a few scenes in recent episodes that showcased his ability to relay subtle emotions. He seems to have the talent, popularity, and luck going for him.

4. Kim So Eun


First Discovered…in a CF with Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum. At the time, I had no idea who she was, but I found her to have incredibly natural, and varied facial expressions. It would be years later that I re-discover her in Boys Over Flowers. To be honest, I was prepared to like her, since I’ve liked all of the actresses who’ve played Yuuki in Hana Yori Dango, but I was knocked-over by her instaneous chemistry with Kim Bum. Not only did she not disappoint, she shined in front of the camera despite her limited screentime. ‘Potential’ Points…KSE did exceptionally well as young Chun Chu in Empress Chun Chu, so great that I could not get used to the adult version of the Empress and had to drop it. So Eun’s role in Man Who Can’t Get Married had more screentime, but lacked character substance as the show’s scripting was disjointed.  I was not disappointed with her performance though, as once again, she convincingly delved into the character right from the gecko, and generated great chemistry with both of her male love interests – even when one of them was older by 20+ years (I was expecting awkwardness or a disconnect). Kim So Eun may not be the most artful in acting amongst the ‘potentials,’ but shows great character and promise because of her natural expressiveness and innate perceptiveness of her roles. KSE just turned 20 on Sept. 6. To track KSE, check out soeun-angels.

5. Jung Ui Chul

First Discovered…alongside Jang Geun Suk in DoReMiFaSo and boy, did he instantly grab my attention. It was the dark, brooding expression in his eyes that caught me – the same set of eyes that seized me when I saw him on top of the roof, ready to jump, looking at Jandi, as he cameo-ed in Boys Over Flowers. ‘Potential’ Points…Charisma. Simply put, the guy just impacts the screen – you can not dismiss his presence nor that soulful, pensive, sometimes condescending expression in his eyes. Much of the time, he doesn’t even speak onscreen. Rather, he uses body language, facial expression, and eyes to relay his characters, and transition from thought to action. That to me, is the epitome of acting – not acting.  Of the 5 potentials, he seems to be the least active in getting into mainstream K media – you’ll be hard pressed to find his interviews, variety appearance, drama roles, scandals, or even MVs/CFs.  Keep an eye on this one, he may just be the dark horse. ^_*

And the product?

Three of the above mentioned ‘potentials’ are in this artistic, sexually explicit movie. There are tons of other actors that I really like in here, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on a HQ version of the full movie. For more info on the film – Read Here.

As a note, this is not my complete list, just some new ATMs that have left great impressions and expectations of artistic development in the near future. Also, I do not include ‘potentials’ who I have not seen in at least 3/4 different roles because I’m a firm believer of brilliance being comfirmed by consistency. I highly suggest checking some of these actor’s related works, especially their breakthrough productions, and the below movie.

Five Senses of Eros

Five Senses of Eros Photoshoot


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  1. Oh!!! :-0 I I really love EUI CHUL he’s cute :- )

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