Discovering ‘Secret’ and Shadya Lan

Track List:

01. 秘密 (Secret)
02. 沉默剧 (Silent Film)
03. 那天 (That Day)
04. 全世界分手 (World’s Breakup)
05. 忘 (Forget)
06. 瞬间 (Instance)
07. I Pray
08. Singing
09. 这麽长一段 (Such a Long stretch)
10. 诗篇91 (Scripture 91)


Abandoned by divorced parents to be reared by relatives, Shadya was a secluded and quiet child, accompanied by loneliness and uncertainty as she was growing up. Music was her outlet and source of comfort. In her late teens, Shadya was introduced into a Christian ministry, and thereby began her journey into the world. At age 17, Shadya’s talent in composing and writing lyrics allowed her to be the youngest major-label-selling song-writer in Taiwan at the time, beating out Taiwan music icon Jay Chow, who sold his 1st song at age 18.  Shadya’s 1st album, Secret,’ debuted on 3.13.2009.

Shadya Lan – Secret

Song/Lyrics: Shadya Lan

Credit: e2jiayou

6 Responses

  1. hihi,
    will you be uploading this album to SS as well? i would like to have this ablum =)

    • Yes, it has been updated with a SS download link. Actually, all files have SS links now. I’ll probably discontinue using FG from now on.

      • it seems like you have forgotten to update this album with a SS download link. other albums are all updated except this. hehe

  2. Thanks for notifying me. Updated : )

  3. haha thanks~

    one more problem. this rar file is password protected. wat is the password?

    • Edwin, if you see near the top of J-Box page, you’ll see “Possible Password” – that’s the password you can copy and paste for any files needing a password.

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