Lala Xu debuts her 1st Album

















Track List:

01. 喔伊细 (O Yi Xi)
02. 圆舞曲 (Waltz)
03. VIP
04. 失落沙洲 (Mourning Desert)
05. 白旗 (White Flag)
06. 身骑白马 (Riding on a White Horse) *Brought Lala to fame for creatively incorporating Taiwanese Opera within comtemporary themes, and the fastest contestant to receive full marks in competition*
07. 一样的月光 (The Same Moonlight)
08. 明知故犯 (Knowingly Commit)
09. 出口 (Outlet)
10. 哼情歌 (Humming a Love Song)

Bonus Track :
11. 没锁门 (Door Unclosed)


Released 5.29.2009, Lala Xu’s debut, entirely self-composed, album continues the recent trend of young, multi-talented female singers heavily participating in song and lyric writing, with less emphasis on “image” and “idolability.” As the 3rd season winner of Million Dollar Star, the Taiwan version of American Idol, Lala garnered much attention from industry critics and netizens on her lyric writing and song compositioning talent. In addition to the 23 year old’s well-rounded musical creativity, she also has a lyrical voice that reaches out to listeners. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself. *For additional Lala goodies, go to her playlist on my Youtube (YT) page.*

Lala XuThe Same Moonlight

Song/Lyrics: Lala Xu

 Credit: TaiwanMV


4 Responses

  1. Her voice reminds me a bit of Angela Zhang/Claire Kuo/Huang Yali .
    She’s not under Linfair, is she?

    • No, she’s under Asia Muse Entertainment Group.Ltd. A company more known for its female “creative-talents,” including her mentor & judge of Million Dollar Star, Huang Yu Ling; Taiwanese Grammy winner, Tanya Cai; and talented song/lyric writing newcomer Shadya Nan.

  2. ok after hearing her voice i understand why u like lala xu milady awesome upload

    • She’s one of the loves of my life right now. Lols. Lala is definitely making my 2009 breakout new artist list. I think she is going to will nab a nomination for New Artist at the 2009 Taiwanese Grammy’s.

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