I’ve gone and done it. After much prodding and encouragement, here it is.

Name Origin: It could have been the sudden euphoria of establishing my own blog, or my lack of clarity when my friend assisted the creation of this blog, that made naming it extremely difficult.  ‘J-D’ is short for Julia-dimensional, and was inspired from the expression 4-D, as my perspective tends to be in the minority.

What It’s On: Movies, Dramas/Shows, Music, ‘potentials’ and anything share-worthy – J-D commentary and reviews attached. Be forewarned: 1) I’m frank 2) I’m fickle 3) I’m critical  4) I’m lazy, therefore reading this blog will be a test to your patience, open-mindedness, maturity, and forbearance.

What Is Off: Derogatory Language and Fanaticism is off limits. I do not condone extremist or immature commentary on this blog, so please refrain from committing such atrocities here.

Style: Bi-polar. I can be rational, objective, and emotional, subjective, at the same time. Therefore, many of my reviews and commentary will come from both positions. I also tend to pay closer attention to female artists/characters, and have higher standards. Lastly, I love constructive criticism and debates. So feel free to express yourself (without committing above-mentioned atrocities)!

Now that that’s been done, and I’ve scared all of you away…I can let out a sigh of relief.  ^_^

Invariably, I’m just another minor character in the grand scheme of the Asian Entertainment Universe, who may, once in a blue moon, spew words of wisdom and enlightenment. Did I mention I was fickle?

As educational and career pursuits take up the majority of my time – please be understanding if I abandon the blog from time to time. For video referencing, go to my Youtube page. Welcome to J-D Observatory ^_*

Thank you, Chingus and Kindreds, for propelling the creation of my personal tablet, where I have an outlet to express freely.


One Response

  1. whoa m’lady how can u scare peeps away, ur not crazy if u were ….well then maybe, lolz, but ur not. this blog is awesome to the max congratz

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